Back-to-School Shopping List, Spring 1982


(1) Cable-knit sweater, Black
(4) Ocean Pacific™ shirts, various style
(2) Pairs Jamz™ shorts, rad colors
(1) Hawaiian shirt
(1) Pair Deck shoes, “Top Siders”
(2) Pairs Jordache™ jeans, or equivalent, tight, straight-leg
(1) Trapper Keeper™ notebook
(1) Izod™ Stow-Away jacket, yellow
(2) Concert t-shirts, pref. Def Leppard/Black Sabbath
(1) Pair turf shoes
(7) Pairs tube socks, three-color-striped, white
(1) Haircut, SLIGHT trim of bangs, for easier feathering


(1) Cable-knit sweater vest, yellow
(1) Izod™ Stow-Away jacket, yellow
(2) Pairs jeans, unknown Sears brand, flared
(2) Pairs green cords, flared
(1) Pair brown G.A.S.S. loafers, orthopedic (?)
(1) Packet grey tube socks, brown stripes
(2) Packs Hanes™ t-shirts, v-neck
(1) Haircut, severe, eliminating bangs and feathering