Hi all! I have a 1,000-word think piece on fear that’s looking for a home. Also, because my roommates have asked me to move out by the end of the month, I’m looking for a home as well.

The piece is about how facing my fears on a zip line in Costa Rica made me realize I needed to quit my job, and it features absolutely zero reporting. It’s clean, quiet, and considerate. I would say it’s social but doesn’t bring the party home and can be a little messy in its own room, but keeps the common area neat. It’s 420-friendly, but sadly allergic to cats.

I’m a 29-year-old writer, actress, improviser, and thinker who’s been living in Brooklyn for six years. I recently quit my 9-5 to focus on my interests that generate no income. Like a lot of whip-smart people my age, I’ve struggled to figure what I really want to do with my life, and, after a recent trip to Costa Rica in which I confronted my fears on a zip line (zip line = metaphor for life), I realized the corporate world was not the answer. I’m pretty laid-back and easy-going, and people who’ve lived with me in the past would say I sometimes get my rent in on time and often AirBNB out all the furniture in my room (including chair, desk, throw rug).

I know that a lot of people will relate to my piece about throwing caution to the wind and going after your dreams, especially people who have gone zip-lining in Costa Rica after a particularly tense week with their truly awful boss named Linda, who seem to expect them to read her mind — who literally used that exact line, in fact! Who actually said, “You know, I’d like it if you could anticipate what I need before I ask you for it!” — and as they stood on the zip line platform looking out over the verdant canopy beneath them thought, “My life, right now, is like a zip line. And where am I headed? Down.”

I also think a lot of people will enjoy living with me, especially people who like cleaning up after others and don’t mind having random strangers sleeping on their couches and in their bathtubs. At the end of the day, we’re all just making this up as we go along, and maybe no one ever really feels like they’re really an adult?

Anyone have any leads??