It has been said you’re either an assister or a resister. Eric Feezell was the former, and needed to meet his early demise like I need a hole in the head. Of the bananas we’ve got, he was definitely more of the green variety, still fairly new to the ways of things. Irregardless, he will be greatly missed.

Eric was a kind, cogitating human being, a help-me-help-you sort of fellow—the holder of the folder for good deeds, if you will. Let me advise as per the usual. No interrupts, people.

It would be restating the obvious—almost a mute point—to say that the Erics of this world are the cure-alls, or “pangeas,” of humankind, cogitating the meaning of life always. Eric was a collator of philanthropy and things of that nature. To bring it to the conscious level, Eric was a paradigm of goodness in the often backstabbing world of edible commodities, walking lockstep with virtue, never falling victim to analysis paralysis. Eric was not a garbage-in-garbage-out—or GIGO—type of guy. He excelled both in the business and on the business, in and on life. A two-pronged approach, as it were. He had a fire in his belly, a Midwestern mentality, and he rescued us from more admin nightmares than I could care to count on these hands.

One word, people: Synergize.

Just to review, I had a nice conversation with Eric the week before he passed. Do you know what he told me? Let’s discuss. He said: You are responsible for finding the answers. I’m not sure what he meant by that, but, then again, Eric was always prone to the philosophical side of the equation. Food for thought, people.

Now, the paradigm has shifted, the worm has turned. Eric has given up the ghost and is no longer with us. It is a sad day as far as our company is concerned, one we should all remember and mark on our calendars. Recircle the wagons, folks, and remember this day for what it is: a memorandum that should serve to instill us, to remind us to take heed, cogitate, congitate, and collate our lives. We must always live as Eric lived—distill useful information to others, bring mutual respect to the conscious level, and not exacerbate. And things of that nature and so forth.

Anyone interested in lunch?