Sandwich Name: Direction you are currently facing + name of the street you are currently on + main course at your most recent holiday meal.

Rock Band Name: Your least favorite color + your most recent physical ailment + high school mascot, plural.

Discreet Sex Toy Name: Your favorite hard candy flavor + type of flower indigenous to your current state of residence.

Fruit Smoothie Flavor Name: Your first name, possessive + your favorite color + the kind of fruit you most recently consumed + the worst weather conditions you’ve ever experienced while on vacation.

Highbrow Circus Show Name: Your favorite smell + your least favorite time of day (both translated into French).

Grocery Store Name: The street you grew up on + “Organic” (optional) + “Harvest” (optional) + “Farmer’s” (optional) + “Market.”

Sitcom Name: Whatever you last screamed at your children.