“Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!”

“Helicopter blades from WGN’s Chopper 9 sliced off our thumbs—that’s how high up they were!”

“Right outside the theater, I took a ball-peen hammer to Roeper’s thumb and he took one to mine and only after our thumbs were three times the size they normally are, only then did we put them up, way up!”

“Th_mbs _p! We left out the ‘u’ because this movie is way better than ‘u’!”

“This one time in college, I was just sitting around with some friends, passing around a J, when out of nowhere I responded to a question that I thought had been posed by one of my friends but actually it was just the TV talking. We started laughing so hard we cried. Well, our thumbs are higher than I was that day!”

“Listen to this. Man, you’re going to love this! Before this movie was even over, Ebert took a hot dog from the seat next to him where he keeps his hot dogs and sort of slid it over his thumb, then was like, ‘pssst’ and I looked over and he flipped his hot-dog-thumb up, like, really enthusiastically too, and I just about lost it!”