Clue: Though I lure salmon from the sea, I also tempt you from your clothes when you consider me.

Answer: I am the biological drive to reproduce before dying.

- - -

Clue: I am unfamiliar, yet somehow the same. I make you see spots and feel pressure or pain.

Answer: I am a stranger’s hands pressed firmly into your eyes in a moment of struggle.

- - -

Clue: I have held you through the night, hold me now and I will bite.

Answer: I am your ex-girlfriend named Kristin.

- - -

Clue: I seem to answer and cure all of your problems, while at the same time bringing you new ones.

Answer: I am a steady job combined with the use and abuse of alcohol.

- - -

Clue: I am the last thing added to the house when it is made, and the first thing you need to get out of the rain.

Answer: I am the fifteen thousand dollars worth of unanticipated landscaping that will prevent you from affording a vacation this winter.

- - -

Clue: I beg you to embrace me when you are swimming near, but I sting you nearly to death if you dare.

Answer: I am despair.

- - -

Clue: Though I may be a bright silver, I am often a force of darkness.

Answer: I am a 9mm pistol carried by an angry member of a popular gang.