1. It was founded in Silicon Valley with the sole purpose of amassing a bunch of prospective sociopaths together in one centralized location.

2. It tends to attract Machiavellian-type individuals looking to instill the fear of God in the people.

3. Netflix could make a documentary about it with the tagline “Do you really know your neighbor…?”

4. My stepdad is obsessed with it.

5. It is a microcosm of human psychology that pits average Joes against one another so outside observers can sit around and comment on it.

6. The main byproduct is turning a small community of relative strangers into a gladiatorial arena of imaginary power dynamics.

7. It’s not unusual to hear arguments about curfews, behavioral expectations, and how loud people are during outdoor recreational time.

8. Those not involved think they would be immune, but once you’re in it there is no stopping you from becoming a monstrous pseudo-tyrant almost immediately.

9. Participants are 99.9 percent white boomers.

10. It is widely panned by the world’s leading experts as a deeply unethical endeavor, but it provides endless hours of entertaining reading.

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Nextdoor: 1-10
Stanford Prison Experiment: 1-10