“Many of the former President’s fellow Republicans have quickly come to [Trump’s] defense, expressing varying levels of dismay at the indictment, with some even vowing to take official countermeasures however they can.” — TIME

- - -

Great. Just great. We’ve gone and set a big old precedent. Now every politician has to be super careful not to commit any crimes.

You’re telling me lawmakers are supposed to constantly make sure the stuff they’re doing is totally legal? What’s next, airline pilots need to know how to fly a plane? Gimme a break.

Congratulations. The floodgates have opened. Now anyone in an incredibly powerful position has to “have ethics” and “take responsibility” and “not commit fraud.” What else are you people gonna crack down on? Insurrections? Buzz off.

How’s anyone in Washington gonna get any work done, now that they have to tiptoe around making sure they’re not committing brazen felonies? You know how hard that is? Defrauding the American people is basically a permanent part of half the government’s schedule. Get real.

You know what else this has done? As an elected official, you don’t just have to avoid committing crimes anymore. No, it’s suddenly become way more complicated than that—now you also have to avoid admitting to your crimes in speeches, during interviews, and on social media. I mean, come on! What else is there to even do?

Hey, I’ve got a question:

Why. Are. You. Trying. To. Make. Everyone. Play. By. The. Same. Rules.

What other big changes do you have up your sleeve? You want the Supreme Court to stop getting wined and dined by religious lobbying groups? Yeah, right. You want GOP legislators to avoid taking and paying bribes? Get bent. You want Texas Republicans to win fair and free elections without gerrymandering? Please.

I’ll tell you one thing: this isn’t sustainable. If politicians become too wary of committing crimes, they may stop committing them altogether. Then what would happen? They’ll all run for office legally and legislate legitimately? You gotta be kidding me.

I weep for this country. It used to be totally fine to commit all sorts of crimes, so long as you were rich and powerful. And now it’s still pretty much the same, unless you do a bunch of really giant, world-changing felonies and you brag about them.

Land of the free? Not if you’re a super wealthy politician who tries to destroy your country. Just wait until it happens to you.