(The Little Mermaid)

OPRAH: So when you struck the deal with Ursula to go to land, were you silent or were you silenced?

ARIEL: … the latter.


ARIEL: My knowledge of sea witches was minimal at that time, I didn’t know what I was getting into and I hadn’t done any research until it was too late. And my biggest regret is believing that Ursula had my best interests in mind. I thought I’d have protection, but that wasn’t the case.


OPRAH: There were these stories that you made Drizella clean your house. Is that true?

CINDERELLA: No, actually, it was the reverse.

OPRAH: It was the reverse? So she made you clean her house?



OPRAH: I think a lot of people have this false perception of royalty. Can’t a princess do whatever a princess wants to do?

RAPUNZEL: You have to understand, I couldn’t just get up and go. They took my passport and driver’s license, and when I would ask to do something like get lunch with my friends, Mother Gothel would say that it wasn’t a good idea, that I was too oversaturated in the press. And I would say, how could I be oversaturated? I haven’t left this tower in 18 years.

OPRAH: What?

RAPUNZEL: Exactly. And for all that time, I was being stunted by her, so it feels good to finally find my voice, especially because it’s Mandy Moore’s.

Snow White
(Snow White)

OPRAH: Do you think the Daily Mirror played a role in your expulsion from the royal family?

SNOW WHITE: Absolutely. The Mirror was the one telling the Evil Queen that I was the fairest in the land every day, which was why I had to leave.

OPRAH: Did you blindside the Queen?

SNOW WHITE: I don’t think so, being that she was the one who banished me and tried to have me killed twice. I do think she was blindsided by the fact that I evaded those attempts both times, though.

OPRAH: Wow. And did you have anywhere to turn to in the palace about this mistreatment that you were facing?

SNOW WHITE: Honestly, no. In my old job, we had a union, it was me and seven other workers, and off to work they’d go. But there wasn’t any kind of structure like that within the palace to take grievances to.


OPRAH: What was your family’s reaction to you wanting to marry a peasant like Aladdin?

JASMINE: I was cut off financially. We had no security, no protection. Luckily, we were able to use the genie’s powers to wish for a Netflix production deal.

OPRAH: Why do you think your father drew such a hard line?

JASMINE: There’s a structure of royal advisors within the firm, and what really saddens me is that the Sultan was getting a lot of advice, and a lot of that advice was really, really bad. Particularly the advice he was taking from Jafar, as well as a talking bird, which was very confusing to me.

(Sleeping Beauty)

OPRAH: Why you? Why were you the one condemned to this potentially eternal slumber?

AURORA: Well, that’s a great question, Oprah, and I wish I knew. It was a curse that was put on me as a baby before I could have even understood what or why it was happening—

OPRAH: What? Who is casting that enchantment?

AURORA: I don’t want to reveal who specifically did it, as I think it would be very, very damaging to them.

OPRAH: Was it Maleficent? It was Maleficent, right?

(The Princess and the Frog)

OPRAH: What was your experience like being the first Black Disney princess?

TIANA: Well, I had hoped that it would be a good representation for women of color, but it turned out that that was only true if the color was green. They turned me into a frog for the whole movie.

OPRAH: What?


OPRAH: Explain to people how you, someone raised in a palace and born to enormous privilege — literally a princess — how you were trapped?

ELSA: Well, quite literally after our parents found out about my powers, I was confined to a closed palace and remained in my room. And while I recognize the privilege of my upbringing, I have sought other kinds of experiences as well. For a brief time, I worked at a frozen yogurt shop called Humphrey Yogart. It was just a regular yogurt shop when I started, but you know…

OPRAH: Do you think there was a double standard for you instead of Anna because of the magical powers you possessed?

ELSA: I think that the people of Arendelle really wanted a narrative of a hero and a villain. And when my powers were revealed, I was the one branded as a monster and forced to flee my homeland.

OPRAH: Where did you go?

ELSA: Fortunately, I was able to stay at Tyler Perry’s house.