She knows just how to crush old candy canes and then add sea salt to make a luxurious body scrub.

She knows just when to cut up an old compact disc and glue the pieces onto a clear Christmas ornament. The lights from the tree (or pergola!) reflect off these surfaces beautifully.

She can cut a slit in a tennis ball, nail it to the wall, and she will have a handy mudroom towel holder.

She makes throw pillows out of outgrown jerseys, race shirts, or even ordinary T-shirts.

She has decoupaged old photos onto leftover ceramic tiles to make great personalized coasters.

She puts a picture in a mason jar; fills that jar with olive oil to make a beautiful antique looking centerpiece.

She can trace your remote in an old book then use an X-ACTO knife to cut along the traced line, removing a dozen or so pages at a time. She will continue until her remote fits snugly inside then she will close the book and have a handy remote storage unit.

She has been known to glue old wooden paint stirrers onto a cylindrical lampshade for a funky colorful addition to an otherwise staid room.

She will twist off the top of an old trophy then superglue it to a flat-head screw and then screw that into a new cork for a vintage trophy wine stopper.

I have seen her cover and an old Quaker Oats cylindrical box with wallpaper or wrapping paper for a handy office pencil holder.

She can drill a hole into the center of old china then screw the pieces together to make a shabby chic cake stand.

She will not hesitate to paint a large appliance box and then cut it to make the frame of a doll house. She then adds dollhouse rooms as cardboard becomes available. (Every so often she will add a little cardboard bed or papier-mâché sofa too!)

She will use old colanders and Welly Boots to make great garden pots!

She also makes over old upholstery fabric with paint splatters and bleach. (And she’s always sure to work outside and wear protective eyewear and gloves.)

She can paint an old tray with chalkboard paint to add a unique and personal touch to hosting.

She will use your old unfashionable wide ties to make fashionable skinny ties. All she does is unstitch the fat ties from the back, pull out the lining, trim the fabric, and then re-stitch!

She has been known to glue old crayons onto a wreath frame for a colorful and whimsical new take on an old tradition.

I have watched her roll up old magazine pages and glue them onto a large bowl or plant holder for a colorful whimsical bowl.

She will bring new life to old clear vases by pouring paint inside and swirling it around.

She can use an old garden rake to make a shabby chic kitchen utensil holder.