Happy New Year from the Hixon-Palmers!

It’s been a wild ride on the bleeding edge of social media here in the Hixon-Palmer household! We spent the better part of 2013 strengthening our footprint both online and in our local community, and our family has never been stronger for it. Let us show you how we share!

Obviously, our biggest boon this year was our cut of “Hilary Falls” (Sheila’s sister Nancy’s daughter Hilary, who made valedictorian this year, had a narcoleptic fit mid-speech, and collapsed into the brass section of the school’s marching band), which made the front pages of both Reddit and Buzzfeed, and as of this email’s writing has amassed over eight and a half million page views.

Our oldest, Caroline, is halfway through her senior year. She’s currently collating her new blog’s latest collection, More Selfie Fails, and her #myparentsneedto tag spent 48 hours trending on most of the East Coast! Caroline has a few state schools that are interested in giving her a scholarship to their communications programs, but she’s waiting to see which one has the strongest web presence before she makes her final decision. She updates professionally as @SeniorGirlProblems, @WhatMyParentsSay, and @SelfieFails; and personally as @ThatCarolineHP. You can browse all of her reviews and photos at SweetCaroline.HixonPalmerFamily.com.

It’s been a blast watching our next youngest, Jakob, grow into his own sense of discovery. We’re blessed to announce that his pre-school program directors have him rated at an “Intuitive Plus” level of understanding, which means he spends two to three hours of his class time in the school’s iPad Lab. He was the first in his homeroom to complete the latest update to Star Wars Angry Birds, he’s just about stopped wetting the bed, and his art teacher says he’s a natural with Adobe Illustrator. He updates as @JakoBeliebes, and blogs every other Thursday at JakobsPatter.HixonPalmerFamily.com.

Thank you all, again, for keeping our baby Blaine in your thoughts, prayers, and tags while he went head to head with the croup this past November. If you haven’t yet received your reward from his treatment’s Kickstarter (for those who ordered the wine totes and/or our 7-inch cover of Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open The Door”), PLEASE BE PATIENT! These last few care packages will be in the mail before Christmas.

We’re currently respecting Blaine’s developing self by keeping him off of social media profiles, but you can track our feed of his progress on our Blaine-blog HereComesTheBlaine.HixonPalmerFamily.com, or via our #babyBlaineHP hashtag.

Even in a year where our family has gained so much, we still had a few tearful updates. We regret to remind everyone of her passing, but would be remiss if we didn’t mention our beloved Granny Jenn. A loving wife to Grandpa Brent (and a damn good ostrich farmer to boot!) Granny Jenn’s “Heads in the Sand” YouTube channel has been flooded with memorial comments since she left us in May. We’re also officially confirming the demise of our Pheed, Diaspora, Backspaces, and Path accounts.

Sheila and I have never been better! She continues to lay down the law as a detective for the Maryvale Police Department, and I soldier on as an associate producer of original content for Junkfeed.com. I’ve gotten a promotion (I’m now the Greater Phoenix Area’s social media liaison to our corporate headquarters), our Kindle serial Married: with Zombies won second runner-up at this year’s Amazing Arizona Con’s Fan Fiction Olympics, and we’re tracking a lot of positive buzz from our newest Vine project (@HixonPalmerImprov).

It’s our wish this New Year’s Eve that your families are as happy, healthy, and trending as we are. Please feel free to contact us anytime at inquiries@HixonPalmerFamily.com, or bookings@HixonPalmerFamily.com for interview requests and availability information. Our family is always streaming live at 247familycam.HixonPalmerFamily.com, and we look forward to seeing what your feeds have in store over the coming year!

All our love,

Donny Hixon-Palmer