About Our Office

Central Jersey Pharmaceutical Resources is a fast-growing, high-energy business that provides support and consulting services for a variety of Fortune 500 companies in the Bridgewater, New Jersey area. CJPR strives to build an empowering culture that engages a diverse and vibrant team of professionals. We seek employees who are motivated for success with processes aligned to promote inner-mobility, career growth and leadership development.

CJPR remains committed to offering a compelling employment proposition that enables us to expand our dynamic team. We’re looking for quality people who want to put their career on a path with a company that’s taking the pharmaceutical services industry in a new direction. We’re actively recruiting people from a wide variety of corporate and business backgrounds to fill this position. Having said that, we’re almost certainly going to hire Sheila in Risk Management, so everyone else shouldn’t get their hopes up all that high.

About The Position

With the heightened emphasis on enhanced regulatory expectations regarding corporate risk management procedures, a new role is being created. The Staff Auditor (Internal) will work closely with the Internal Audit Manager position and play a vital role on the Audit Services team, and will be primarily responsible for providing broad subject matter expertise in risk management to Audit Services and coordinating data management and analysis with the risk management team. We are specifically looking for someone with experience in auditing risk management functions, particularly someone familiar with the day-to-day operations of our own risk management team. Ideally, someone who is on that team already, and wouldn’t mind moving up to the eighth floor because they’re maybe getting a little tired of Duane’s act already.

Responsibilities of the Job

  • Enhance and lead the Audit Services Center of Excellence, coordinating audit coverage of risk management processes, developing reporting metrics, and looking fabulous in tight sweaters and short skirts.
  • Assist in developing strategy regarding the relationship between risk management and audit services, especially with regard to scheduling Margarita Wednesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings rather than that dive bar Duane likes.
  • Exercise critical thinking and judgment to act as a catalyst and effectively influence senior business management, without getting too close to Walter in Compliance, who seems stable and has a very flashy-looking Audi but isn’t actually a nice person.
  • Help business partners enhance their business strategies by applying risk management controls and occasionally using some of that ladylike charm that makes you so attractive.
  • Enhance employee morale by bringing in those homemade peanut butter cookies every once in awhile. You know, the ones that you brought to Marsha’s bridal shower last year, because they were fantastic.
  • Proactively implement audit strategy by defining audit scope, audit program & audit test procedures in area of responsibility, all of which I know you can totally handle if you have adequate support from other members of the Audit Team, especially those who only have your best interests at heart.

Auditor Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required, ideally from a Big 10 university, and particularly from a Big 10 university that lost to my Buckeyes last year, which of course includes Indiana. Ability to handle a little good-natured ribbing about the shortcomings of your college football program is a must.
  • Required majors include accounting, finance, or business administration, preferably with a strong minor in art history, like a certain risk management associate I know.
  • Eight years of risk management experience preferred, with at least four and a half years working for pharmaceutical services firms located in Central New Jersey.
  • A CPA certification is a plus, just like smiling once in awhile.
  • The candidate must have strong communication and strong interpersonal skills to be able to interact with other team members, especially those who are sitting in the next cubicle.


This position will require some off-site visits to our corporate partners to assist with implementing risk management procedures and controls. A driver’s license and personal transportation is required. Owning a green Cabriolet is preferred but not strictly necessary.

CJPR supports attendance at one national conference for continuing education per year. There’s a conference you might be interested in scheduled for next October in Las Vegas. I am not saying that you need to go to this conference, but it’s the one I am planning on going to and I thought you might be interested. I know a couple of nice restaurants we can try if you’re up for it.

Compensation and Benefits

CJPR’s compensation program offers market-competitive base pay and bonus pay, potentially based on achieving personal and company goals. Plus, we have a flexible paid-time-off program and emphasis on work-life balance, in case you’d like to take that trip to Ireland you were talking about with Karen in Accounts Receivable at lunch the other day.

EEO Statement

CJPR is an equal opportunity employer in that our policy, in accordance with federal and state laws, prohibits employment discrimination solely on the basis of a person’s race, color, creed, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, or disability except where a reasonable, bona fide occupational qualification exists. CJPR strives to be a leader in removing the glass ceiling and promoting women into positions of greater authority, which is a policy that I am totally in favor of, especially for women who aren’t being utilized well in their current positions and would be much happier working on the eighth floor. All you have to do is apply, Sheila. I believe in you.