It’s your first week of work and you owe an update to a client. Here’s a common etiquette question: How should you use 8==>?

The first and most obvious application is as a regular bullet point. Draw attention to your key points:

8==> The shipment of parts will arrive Thursday, not tomorrow.

8==> can also indicate “therefore.” Take note: Businesspeople do not parse dense paragraphs!

The fifth floor printer is out of toner.
8==> All printing requests should go to Peggy in finance.

One real strength of 8==> is its ability to indicate size or quality. You can adjust the length of the shaft:

Relative market sizes for potential Q3 expansion sites (total pop.):

8==>Tucson, Arizona

8===>San Diego, California

8====>Houston, Texas

Or the volume of dissemination:

Focus group feedback, interior lining for sleeping bags:

8==>~ Polyester

8==>~~ Cotton

8==>~~~ Silk

Get creative. If something is urgent but hasn’t received the attention of your supervisor, inflate the ball sack:

8==> Report to funders is due COB tomorrow.

If a message is disappointing, illustrate it:

8==>.. The BOD has announced a furlough of all part-time staff.

Clarify workplace behavior:

8==>O: Derek agrees with management about an accelerated Q1 launch.

And indicate progress on project deliverables:

8==>       {} Team has hit roadblocks but will meet next week’s deadline.

8==>   {} Richard confirms prototype will be ready by EOD Thursday.

8==>{} Janice has submitted final drafts of the stakeholder report.

Finally, use it as a salutation:


Please find attached the minutes from today’s meeting.

There you go, young professionals. Be fearless.