Are you sure that you’re not the one with connectivity problems?

When upgrading, do you ever feel you can truly get rid of the old software?

How’s your relationship with your motherboard?

Is your password still the name of that girl you danced with to Lifehouse’s “You and Me” at junior prom?

Do you think the problems are hardwired, or are they just a product of their environment?

Do you feel you’re just backing up everything, but never running it?

Do you feel comfortable IM’ing, or do you often find yourself looking for the space bar?

Have you tried turning it off, taking a day for yourself, and then turning it back on?

When online, do you leave your firewall up?

How many programs do you not like, but keep around so your desktop doesn’t look so empty?

Do you feel that changing your wallpaper really changes anything?

Do you feel you’re using your trash bin as a defense mechanism?

Are you having difficulty setting your Date & Time to the present?

Would your Mail app feel more comfortable as a “Fe-mail” app?

Do you often feel like you’ve lost your control key?

Do you worry that you’ll never have enough memory?

Have you tried focusing less on other systems, and more on CPU?

Has your system experienced any water damage, or does it just feel like it’s drowning?