[Read Declarations from “The Boy Scout Handbook.”]

[Read Exclamations from “The Boy Scout Handbook.”]

- - -

How long will the hike be?

What permission do we need?

What’ll I need?

Must we have a permit?

When will we take off?

What kind of equipment must we take for the activities we’ve decided on?

Who’ll carry what?

What food do we take?

What’ll we eat?

What’ll it cost?

Who’ll do the buying?

Who’ll do the cooking?

What’s our destination?

How will we get there?

What uniform will we wear?

What other clothing?

What about headgear?

- - -

What’ll we do?

Where do we go?

But in what direction?

How would you go about it?

Were you ever lost?

What’s your aim?

Do you like to sit at the edge of a lake with you homemade fishing rod?

Do you like to go swimming?

Do you prefer to wade in mountain stream?

Have you known the breathless moment when a dark shadow rises to your lure, grabs it and sends your reel spinning?

Do you get a kick out of seeing your cork signal that some sunfish or sucker has taken your dangling angleworm?

Or are you the ambitious type?

Well, what’s the difference?

Nevertheless, you’re starved — so what to do?

Now, what exactly does the word “edible” mean?

- - -

Did you ever see a cat freeze in front of a mousehole?

- - -

What’s next?

Then what?

What is it?

Why is it?

How does it fly?

Why does it live where it lives?

Why does it grow where it grows?

Why does he do all this?

Where did I go wrong?

Be prepared for what?

Why hike?