If the producers of Dancing with the Stars chose you as a competitor, who would you want as your partner and which dance style would you perform? Would you wear red or purple sequins?

If your family’s from Lebanon, Syria, Ireland, Scotland and England, what do you eat on Thanksgiving?

Do you bake baklava with walnuts or pistachios?

What was it like to photo bomb Carlos Slim in 2009, when he was the world’s third richest person?

How come you stopped dyeing your hair at 33? What would you really like to say to people who say you’ve gone gray “prematurely”?

If you could wear a Halloween costume from your youth again, would you choose Strawberry Shortcake, Shirley Temple, or a pregnant nun?

Given how patriarchal the institution of marriage is, what made you decide to tie the knot? If you had it to do over, would you marry your honey again?

How many times a day do you pick up dog poop?

What sexist remark would you rather never hear again?

At a karaoke night, would you sing Celine, Shakira, or Beyoncé?

Did you ever dream of becoming an astronaut?

Dark chocolate with almonds or sea salt?