1. Drive a tractor during agricultural field operations?

2. Get a tattoo?

3. Work as a lifeguard at your local pool?

4. See an R-rated movie?

5. Knowingly accept a meeting with a Russian operative to get dirt on a political opponent for your dad’s campaign?

6. Reach out to contacts at the Russian foreign ministry as part of a US presidential campaign?

7. Be in charge of bringing peace to the Middle East?

8. Accept a date with an assistant district attorney?

- - -


1. 13
2. 18
3. 15
4. 17
5. Definitely like 50+, otherwise you’re just being a good son
6. 31+, otherwise you’re just an intern
7. 36, if you wear a sweet bulletproof vest with your khakis
8. 14, but really doesn’t matter as long as he’s asking