While the allegations have been floating around for years, I am frankly shocked by this recent report that my favorite entertainer, who has been accused of murder before and has built his entire career around openly discussing his desire to murder, is actually a murderer.

Of course, I had heard the rumors. Articles here, whispers there. But, honestly, it just didn’t add up. Why would I believe the stories of these murder victims, who had nothing to gain and everything to lose by accusing this murderer of murder? Maybe they just liked the risk, I thought. Who doesn’t like putting their career on the line just for the fun of it, you know?

Don’t blame me, there were just no other signs this could have been possible. I know that some reports of other murderers have come to light recently. But, after that wave, I assumed we had got them all! I should have seen those maybe, but there’s no way I could have thought there were even more. Maybe if someone had told me about these problems I would have seen it, but absolutely none of the three guys I talk to ever bring this up. I swear, ask them yourselves.

There are some people I could see murdering, I suppose. But, when I went to this guy’s performance and heard him say, “All men are murderers and, personally, I want to do nothing more than murder people all the time, I’m not even joking, this isn’t a joke or an act, all I want to do is murder people every day, all day,” I guess I thought it was a joke, or an act. When I watched his TV show, named after the murderer himself, and he showed himself practicing murder and murdering people in real life, I just thought, No way, not him.

According to the report, when one of the murder victims confronted the murderer about the murder, the murderer apologized for using a gun. She corrected him, saying that, in fact, he had murdered her with a knife. “I’m sorry,” he sputtered. “Sometimes I misread the signs and think that people want to be murdered. It’s just a very small personal defect I’m dealing with. We all have our flaws. Mine is that I murder people.”

I know this must be really tough for the murder victims and anyone else who has ever been murdered, but let’s not forget that all this news has just been really hard for me. I’m not asking for praise or support in this hard time. I’m truly not. Just know that, when I heard that Netflix was canceling my favorite show because its star was a murderer — and I’m just saying how I feel here— it was really tough for me. So, when this news broke today, I was already in a fragile place. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this all has truly, supremely ruined my afternoon.