Note: All these costumes exist.

- - -

Slutty Nurse is here to change that dirty, dirty bedpan. Then, it’s time for her to check those sexy vitals and, since you can’t eat any hard foods, she’ll have to spoon-feed you jello. She uses that smutty Purell to scrub in and out of every dirty, sexy room where they wipe old men’s butts for them. She is ready for her slutty 12-hour night shift to be over so she can get 4 hours of sexy-ass sleep and drop her kids off at a sexy soccer game.

Slutty Construction Worker wears her slutty protective vest and slutty boots to protect herself from that sexy-ass tetanus. She knows how to put in a joist so that slutty building can bear its big load. She can damp-proof that house faster than you can say “sexy double standard for women in careers involving manual labor.” This slutty construction worker has been working in this sexy industry for 15 sexy years and she knows how to file an HR complaint like a pro, you sexy creep.

Slutty Goldfish won’t remember you in one sexy second. Or where she is? Where is she? Who are you? Why is she in water? Can she breathe outside that sexy water? Nope. No, that slutty water is… sorry, who are you?

Slutty Flight Attendant is the only thing between you and that sexy 35,000-foot drop. She knows how to pop that sexy tomato juice top but they’re also responsible for keeping your body full of that slutty oxygen when the pressure drops in this dirty cabin. If your sexy ass pukes up that slutty in-flight chicken alfredo, you can bet that she’ll be holding your sexy barf bag. This sexy gal isn’t going to tell you again to put up that dirty tray table.

Slutty Medieval Executioner cuts off the same amount of sexy heads that you cut off but does it backwards and in heels.

Slutty Ghost is full of spooky, sexy surprises. Her sexy task in the afterlife is to avenge the death of her slutty family who was burned alive in a sexy house in the dirty 1600s. This ethereal presence is ready to push you down a flight of sexy stairs if you mess with her slutty descendants. This sexy ghost is on a crusade for sexy-ass justice in the afterlife.

Slutty Bumblebee is one of the many species of bumblebees that are currently, sexily dying out. She just goes about her day, hovering in the sexy air, slutting it up on the sexy flowers so that she can propagate our slutty circle of life by pollinating our fragile, delicate, sexy-ass ecosystem and making that sexy honey. She’s sluttily going extinct.