“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” Don remarked. “They’re all wearing the same kind of coveralls.”

“There is some kind of evil in our tank farm. Where it came from or why, I couldn’t tell you. Kevin was attacked by hungry skull heads.”

He shut his eyes, just to find them still there when he opened them back up.

“… the Puerto Rican armada ruled the seas and most of the civilized world as it was known at that time. My God, man, don’t you read books?”

“Why don’t you call in the Royal Puerto Rican Air Force for an air strike?”

The studio sent us off on a brief jaunt to Utah to try to convince Donny Osmond to take the role. I doubted whether he had the acting skills to play a retarded young man.

The girls smashed Buck’s testicles, trying to flatten them. When they found out they were not getting any flatter, they gave up.

His mother became very hot and Toddy actually forced her to go to bed.

Yes, Steve never saw Ward Cleaver holding the Beav down while June peed all over his face. He would have remembered that episode.