Escape from Receiving
Old Navy Promotional Emails

A row of computers, your team’s Gmail accounts open on each one, a slew of Old Navy promotional emails that won’t stop. Can you all find the unsubscribe button in time before you fall victim to online ordering four pairs of ill-fitting floral shorts you’ll all forget to return? It may seem easy, but escape is never simple: Gap and Athleta count, too. You must find the hidden checkbox that specifies that you don’t want ANY emails, even ones with promotional codes for the Spring Savings Spectacular. Don’t forget to check your spam folders, you never know what’s lurking where you can’t see.

Escape From a Party
That Turns Out to Be a LuluRoe Sale

Nothing is what it seems in this room. A casual get-together with your team’s mutual friend, Claudia, takes a horrifying turn: she wants to sell you LuluRoe leggings. Can you and your team get out of her sunroom politely without mentioning the New York Times article on multi-level marketing? Put together clues in her house to figure out what she thinks is important enough to suddenly need to leave with minimal explanation, create a secret signal to get your whole team out without suspicion or accidentally activating her garage door, and then subtly block Claudia on Facebook so she can’t invite you again. Watch out for unexpected twists: she follows you on Instagram, too.

Escape from a Wedding
You Didn’t Know was Going to be Dry

In this room an empty dancefloor flashes with light. It’s 9 pm, they are playing “Hey Ya!” but only one couple is swaying slightly offbeat. The bar: completely stocked with mocktails. Can you and your team slip out the back entrance of the church before the bride notices you’re gone? Shimmy past talkative aunts, resist the temptation to drink the hand sanitizer in your purse, and put together clues to figure out if any of the groomsmen would be down to split a Lyft to the dive bar you saw on the way in. Watch out: one of them is the bride’s prematurely bearded 16-year-old brother.

Escape From a Family Gathering
Where Everyone Wants to Know What Your
“Next Move Is” (Single Player)

In this terrifying room: a buffet table with no vegetarian options, not enough wine, everyone in your entire family. Can you get out without answering the question “So, what’s next for you?” Duck into the bathroom, find an interesting article in Reader’s Digest to divert the questions, use random words from the books in the study to make up a job you definitely think you’re getting an interview for, and draw attention to your cousin Louisa’s baby all while maintaining a steady buzz on less than three bottles of Rex and Goliath. But watch out: once they start asking when you are going to have a baby of your own, you’ve already failed.

Escape from Your College Debt

There are only a few ways out of this room where you have to responsibly pay off your team’s collective $300,000 in student debt. Can you write enough convincing cover letters to get job interviews with a well-paying company despite your English degrees? Figure out what “deferring your loans” means and if that’s a thing you could do with a tactical Google search. The answer could be in your phones: can enough of you swipe right on a potential mate and marry into their inherited wealth? Can you do it in time before you have to pay for your own children’s’ college tuitions? Or will you have to fake your own deaths?