The teams were divided evenly, the rules explained, and the doors and windows secured so not a single sound would attract the attention of the giant monster from outer space that was eating the Arby’s down the street.

Team One, comprised by Jen, Stephen and Mark, went first. After reading the clue given by Team Two, which included Melissa, Amos and Lauren, Stephen started the minute and a half timer and proceeded with his opening pantomimes.

He raised three fingers indicating that the clue in question was composed of three words.

“Three words,” Mark said, demonstrating his previous experience with the game.

“All our families are dead!” yelled Jen, to which Stephen, with a left and right motion of the head, dismissed immediately. He raised three fingers again, strongly reassuring that the number of words that formed the secret title was three, not at all like what Jen proposed, which, true as it might have been, had many more words. The fact that it was not a movie was left unsaid, presumably because of time restraints.

“First word,” said Mark correctly once again, after Stephen raised only one finger in what is considered a safe strategy move to start from the beginning of the title.

“Are you seriously going wait this out and hope that giant thing out there stops destroying and killing everything we’ve loved ever loved?!” Jen screamed. “We have to leave! There’s still time! Please! I’m begging you!”

The timer went off.

The Last Airbender,” Stephen said, glaring at Jen. “The movie was The Last Airbender.”

Team’s Two turn was up next. Amos started strong, pantomiming a hat grab and a swift front-to-back poncho move.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!” shouted Melissa.

“Correct!” said Amos. He could have perfectly aimed for a slow deconstruction of each archetype; the good, the bad, and the ugly, or even a more meticulous syllable exploration, yet he decided to cut straight to the iconic gesturemade famous by Clint Eastwood. Team Two rejoiced with high-fives.

It was then Jen’s turn. Team One’s discomfort was palpable. She received her clue and the timer was set. “Guys, listen to me…” she pleaded, but before she could continue Amos interrupted and sternly reminded her that speaking was forbidden.

“I don’t care about this fucking game!” Jen yelled, crumpling her clue and throwing it at the hole in the wall where an armoire used to be. “There’s a monster out there that has annihilated half the city! Do you really think that if we ignore it, it will go away? Just because no one is talking about WHAT ARE OBVIOUSLY MONSTER EGGS INCUBATING IN LAUREN’S NECK doesn’t mean they won’t soon hatch and make us all alien monster baby food!”

Before anybody could answer, the alien moster’s massive arm reached through the hole in the wall where an armoire used to be and snatched Jen out of the apartment.

The timer went off.

After a short pause where the remaining contestants silently gathered themselves by relocating their happy places, it was decided to suspend the game.

Much to Amos’s consternation, an official winner was not declared.