Think of your children’s future friends as future-future associates, suitors, and connections. How will you draw them in, along with the biggest audience possible, and show them your child’s best assets?

Hold up, you say?

OK, let’s back up for a second.


Your soon-to-be-greeted-by-you son or daughter is going to face a raft of challenges and choices in his or her life: Waldorf or Montessori? Honest Co. or Kirkland? Sasquatch or Coachella? Napali Coast or Kaanapali? Saarinen Tulip or Jacobsen Egg? Deer Valley or Yellowstone Club? Nest or whatever replaces Nest?

Are you prepared from the moment they greet this Earth with a boisterous and determined squawk to draw an audience in and show off your baby’s best assets?

Are you ready to capture and enhance their energy and talents?

Are you ready for them to be ready?

And do you have a sound approach to keep them on Page 1 search from Day 1?

The most common question we’re asked by couples about their Baby’s SEO Plan is, “Can’t I just do it?” Technically, you can do anything. We’re sure you could drive a Formula One car or fly the Space Shuttle. And you might be pretty dandy at it — for a minute. But eventually you would look at the controls with confusion, be outmatched with the task in front of you and crash.

We’re here to help you avoid the crash.

Initially, your child is going to get a nice bump for your social media accounts and branding (newborn pictures are guaranteed to shoot you into the three, sometimes low four figures stratosphere.) We have relaxed our frown a bit and are now fine with that. It is your child and you deserve accolades and to rank accordingly, short-term.

But it is not fair for a parent to cannibalize a child’s brand, especially in its formative stages of off-line identification development. The rigorous building and curation of an individual’s presence goes far beyond URL registration, meta descriptions, long-tail keywords, and page titles. Hint: register both your child’s full name as well as pre-determined referential nickname. Also, avoid the .baby name extension trap. It’s a short-term fix for a long-term problem, like fish oil.

Think about the first impression you had of your favorite brands online. How did you find them? Was it purely an accident, coincidence? Did you see something out there and think I need to know more? Chances are it was a combination of real-time use and that brand’s search engine ninja skills. They kept it relevant and interesting and consistent. They always stayed on-message. And, most importantly, they didn’t let you down!

Here are the three key qualities of your child’s first SEO campaign we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • Forget about title tags and content cloaking, search engines crawl for real clicks and content-rich content. How your child’s presence can be perception-proof from the onset of their campaign.
  • Backlink strategies, domain authority and recognizing your child’s uniqueness in a sea of Noahs, Ethans, Emmas and Olivias.
  • What social media will really jump start and maintain your child’s Klout bottom line. Beyond the Snapchat stories, the Tweet threads and creating a unique Facebook narrative with a 19-year calendar that our proprietary algorithm keeps the audience craving more with deliberately inconsistent and quirky-to-sentimental posts, we are assiduously and audaciously planning not only a life online, but a lifetime off of it.

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We look forward to hearing about your child! More importantly, we’ll make sure they do as well.