We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our team! Our family brand has over 2.5K IG followers with access to another 2K followers from our InstaShop. Get in on the ground floor or use your new skills to create your own brand.1

We are:
A modern bohemian couple raising five gorgeous children (ages 7, 5, 4, 2 + 1) in a picturesque semi-urban environment.

She is:
A former SAHM living the dream of turning her passion for order + beauty into a profession.

He is:
A musician, artist, beekeeper, coffee-lover + devoted dad, who moonlights as a software engineer. Haha ;)

You are:

  • Mindful of the methods behind brand-building including researching popular hashtags, cultivating reciprocal tagging relationships w/ other InstaBrands, finding new followers, + building + creating burner accounts (creation and maintenance of a minimum of 20 new accounts per day required)
  • Patient and relaxed behind the camera. Picturesque family moments are precious; we will rely on you not to let them go to waste!
  • An organizational mastermind who loves a challenge. Our modest house is also our office, our schoolroom, our set + our home, which makes keeping it photo-ready a big commitment. All non-brand enhancing or otherwise unsightly elements must be kept strictly out of view during the daily styled photo session + morning/evening family activity/family bonding free shoots to allow for maximum spontaneity.
  • A truly exceptional Photoshop artist. Brand success requires elimination of pesky distractions such as blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, stains + clutter—slimming + contouring ability A BIG PLUS!
  • An experienced food stylist and master juicer with a passion for gluten-free baking.2 (Please include links to your food blog or personal instagram account with your application fee)
  • Discreet ;)3

In addition:
Knowledge and Experience with: Hairstyling + hair products, make-up + make-up application, flower arranging, wardrobe selection, stain removal, CPR, dog CPR, positive discipline, attachment parenting, + pest control ALL STRONGLY PREFERRED.4

- - -

1 Must adhere to strict non-competitive agreement as stipulated in contract.

2 You are welcome + encouraged to take all your baked goods home with you!

3 Heightened tension resulting from the stress of constant media exposure occasionally results in momentary flares of temper or expressions of spousal dissatisfaction + while we understand that these are the natural and normal by-products of success, these images are non-brand enhancing.

4 This is an unpaid internship.