1. A full-bodied Indian Pale Ale has quickly become a staple draft for the beer aficionado and you will want to have one in hand when you are drafting your last will and testament.

2. Enjoying a Whiskey Stout will provide you with a playful hoppy bouquet and perfectly compliments telling your wife that you love her and want her to remarry when you’re gone.

3. The yeasty flavor of an American Wild Ale is in a league of its own and is a must when telling your children you are proud of them and know they will grow to be wonderful people even if you won’t be there to see it.

4. The high ABV% of an Imperial Oatmeal Stout is not for the faint of heart and will certainly get your motor going as you see the beauty in a sunset that could very well be your last.

5. Call it thick or call it dark, but this Black Note Stout will push your preconceptions of what constitutes a stout as you make peace with your higher power.

6. Derived from English porters with its roots firmly planted in Estonia, this Baltic Porter promises to be an experience that is familiar and unique, much like your promise to yourself to sail the around world. Unlike the Porter, which makes no compromises, you will have to settle for sailing a couple miles off shore under doctor supervision.

7. Brewed at a variety of strengths there is no wrong choice when selecting a Brown Ale. Much like there is no wrong choice when selecting a sensible suit and tombstone for your burial.

8. While it may sound like something a snooty sommelier would suggest, Barleywine is a beer drinker’s beer. You know your beer, you aren’t embarrassed to boisterously order a Barleywine, and you aren’t afraid to change your mind and decide to be cremated at the last minute.

9. Picture a yeasty finish on a traditional American lager and you can imagine how satisfying a Cream Ale will be while you scream “Why me, God?!"

10. A regal beer with a noble hoppy bitter taste, a traditional Pale Lager is the apex of traditional American beer drinking for you and your sud brothers. Relax with this quintessential brew and slip into unconsciousness while you approach the light.

11. Bavaria has been called the birthplace of beer, and Märzen is the golden child of that family. Let its full body take you back to brewing’s Germanic roots as an EMT revives you back to consciousness. After all, there is still a world of beers to try before you die.