Brigitte! Thank you for cluing me into the resistance rally tonight outside the Capitol building. I can’t speak truth to power right now because it’s just too short notice to get a babysitter, but I was arrested in 2000 at the RNC if that helps.


— Jackie

- - -

Miles, so exciting about the March for the Environment! I would be there in vegan shoes with vegan bells on if I hadn’t taken back the streets literally three days ago at the Economic Alliance march. Unfortch I was not wearing my marching sneaks and my arch is super spent — the resistance will not be wearing Birks again!!

Sending intentions your way,

— Bess

- - -

Hi all, hope the banner-making meet is going well. I am STILL working on my loom to finish my President Bannon banner and, listen, I would 0/10 render my chosen political message in yarn again. I have bitten off way more than I can macramé. Ugh.

— Tom

- - -

Yo Poojah, right now you are probably in the thick of creating a space for women dissidents — hope the park takeover is going well! I was obviously going to be there, but found myself in a really good space closer to home, near Doughnut Plant, and so I’m just focusing on existing there for now, and thinking about the movement and stuff. Give my love to everyone :) :)

!Si se puede!

— Mika

- - -

JUAN! Was tonight the night you guys were holding a bee to send postcards of ladies dining alone to Pence? Shiiiiiiiiit. I meant to come 1000%. I’m not totally useless — we had a seminar today at work on How to Support the Movement Without Undermining Corporate Objectives. There was a super apt Dilbert comic at the end I’ll have to dig up and show you. Anyway, YOLO! Or YORO or whatever,

— Jimmy

- - -

Guys! I feel so baaaad to miss tonight’s rally! I’m focusing this week on putting my own oxygen mask on before I tend to that of the nation and hope you understand <3 <3 <3 Promise I’ll rally 10x as hard next week and only buy Pendleton throw rugs for wedding presents this summer to make up.


— Lola :)

P.S. If you are getting married soon pls indicate if you would prefer Pendleton Glacier NP or Pendleton Yellowstone NP designs asap

- - -

Sending out a last-minute call for legal observers at tonight’s march as I’m stuck at a PTA meeting that has been overrun by a mom who won’t let anyone leave the gymnasium until they offer proof that they have been doing their part in the #resistance. NGL getting Sean’s orthotics has come in ahead of my #moralobligation this week and I don’t know how I’m ever getting out of here. Sighhh

— Kim

Sent from my civilian resistance device on the run. Apologies for any errors.

- - -

Guys! I’m trying to get to the strike but the trains are not going ANYWHERE probably because I’m a train driver and I’m currently on strike. My only other option is Uber, which I obviously deleted. Anyone own a tandem bike?

— Spence

- - -

Hey Kev,

I’m slightly overstretched from five marches, two call-a-thons, 23 online petitions, and just reading the paper in the morning, so I’m looking for a more low-key way to civil disobey tonight… possibly by sitting down with my kids to watch The Lion King, which has some important things to say about autocracy, fealty, and the importance of a holiday somewhere tropical. There in spirit.

— Grace

- - -

Dear all, late note to apologize for missing the sit-in. I haven’t peed since Tuesday and

right now

— jberg

- - -

Gerry, I’m sorry — so so sorry! — to be unsubscribing from your newsletter, THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Please don’t take this to mean that I’m not interested in resisting, or that I don’t believe in your vision, or that I think IT’S NORMAL, it’s just that I am subscribed to 35 activist newsletters and can no longer mandolin a jicama without getting 4-6 calls to action. I need to revisit how best to refocus my revolutionary energies. Perhaps by composing catchy march songs or rolling gluten-free protein balls for the People on the frontlines.

Peace, love, and Article 25,

— Jenny

- - -

Mandy, tx again for inviting me to a night of conversation, you’re doing such excellent work! However, I blocked off this week for listening to voices from other diaspora and just have no time for monolithic voices on Tuesday. Sry x100! You know how it is. I * absolutely * have time to dialogue next week when I’m not actively listening to those outside my elitist bubble, or any time during the next eight years. Ha ha ha <\3

Viva la revolucion! Gina :)

- - -

Mandy omg did I say eight I meant four. Just kill me.