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Lucy Corin's One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses is out today!

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Janet Manley

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Testomania: The Generation Test (4/21/2016)

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Your Alien Fetus is a Miracle of Life (1/28/2014)

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The Start-Up Ride Stops Here (5/20/2013)

An Anne Geddes Baby Manifesto (5/25/2012)

It’s Been a Long Time Since a Man Made Love to Me Passionately While Listening to Simply Red (11/1/2011)

My Body is a Performance Machine With Advanced Nutritional Needs (8/5/2011)

Monologue: The Cost Plus World Market Buyer in Charge of Epicurean Imports Addresses Shareholders (11/27/2010)

Writing Your First Novel Should Happen Only After You’ve Written a Tome On Business Strategy (10/14/2010)

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