The West Wing’s President Trump is many things: a businessman, a golfer, a three-time husband. Finally, other characters on the show are starting to realize he’s also a sick man, a criminal and an idiot. It seems that the writers have given him literally every terrible quality they could think of; superhero villains are more well-rounded. For a show that was once made up entirely of protagonists, it’s a drastic change, and a painful one for viewers. Here’s the rundown of the latest episode.

The Adult Day Care Customer in Chief

In this episode, Republican Senator Bob Corker called the White House an “adult day care center,” tasked with keeping Trump from destroying things left and right. This was one of the strongest condemnations yet from a Republican, and one that seemed to allude to Trump’s questionably stable mental health, an issue that has been bubbling just below the surface this entire season. President Bartlet’s multiple sclerosis, and all the attendant drama and hand-wringing over whether it was an impediment to his ability to be President, seems positively quaint in comparison. What we wouldn’t give for those West Wing days, when we’ve got someone in the Oval Office now who seems to be unraveling by the minute. If only Trump’s behavior could be improved with some covert injections from Melania.

The Sexual Assaulter in Chief

This week brought explosive allegations of sexual assault against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Though the White House staff gloried in the downfall of a major Democratic contributor, the incident did remind viewers of the storyline about Trump’s alleged sexual assaults, which first came to light during his campaign. This seemed to be a big deal last season, but then was forgotten, buried by newer and more pressing plots about Trump’s tweets and Melania’s shoes. It’s hard to believe the writers went as long as they did without bringing the accusations against Trump back to the forefront. If a President could potentially be brought down by a hidden MS diagnosis, he has to be brought down by numerous sexual assault allegations, right? To say otherwise would stretch the bounds of believability so far they’d snap — and be a supreme betrayal of female viewers to boot.

The Genius in Chief (Just Check His IQ Test)

After Secretary of State Rex Tillerson supposedly called Trump a “moron” (though Tillerson, tellingly, will neither confirm nor deny that), Trump suggested they compare IQ tests. President Bartlet had a Nobel Prize in economics, and Trump has… an inability to use words that are more than three letters long. Maybe an IQ test isn’t the worst idea. It would also give the show the opportunity to delve into what the IQ test entails and how accurate it is, much like when Sam explained the census to CJ. Maybe the whole staff would decide to take the test for fun, and then compare results to see who had bragging rights to being the smartest. My money’s on Leo’s (and later CJ’s) secretary, Margaret, who is wacky but likely to be a secret savant. How else does she know how to sign the President’s signature so well?

When will Trump follow Weinstein and have his day of reckoning for his sexual assaults? Who will score lower on the IQ test, Donald Jr. or Eric Trump? And when will Republicans set up an actual (perhaps golf-themed?) adult day care for Trump, where he can spend his days post-impeachment? Watch next week to find out.