Remember the West Wing Christmas episode that Leo spent desperately trying to repair a church roof in Bethlehem? Well, as usual, while others fix things, Trump excels at breaking them. This week, we watched him do his darndest to provoke war in the Middle East by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not exactly a conventional holiday tie-in to the land of Jesus’s birth, but perhaps not surprising given the risks the writers have taken this season. Here are the other questionable choices they made in this special holiday episode.

Omarosa’s Out

We began with the shocking reveal that Omarosa, who made the jump from Apprentice contestant to White House aide, was leaving the Trump administration. The writers had clearly inserted her as a reliable catalyst for drama, but it turned out there was plenty of drama anyway, and she was pushed to the side and forgotten like Sam’s call girl love interest, Laurie. Well, the show finally decided to eliminate Omarosa altogether, and she went out in grand style, trying to storm the residence to confront Trump directly. I think I speak for most of the audience when I say her character won’t be missed, but I couldn’t help wishing she had exited to a montage set to the Christmas classic “Little Drummer Boy,” used to great effect when Toby attended the homeless veteran’s funeral in the first season. “I played my best for him, pa rum pum pum pum,” the choir would sing as she walked out the White House front door. Come to think of it, the show has really lost its evocative soundtrack. Kid Rock just isn’t cutting it.

The Tax Bill’s In

The Senate and House agreed on a version of the GOP tax bill, which Republicans aim to pass before Christmas. If they succeed, I expect that a future episode will see a visit from Stanley, the trauma specialist who helped Josh deal with his PTSD on Christmas Eve. Stanley will no doubt be called in to have heart-to-heart discussions with every member of Congress who voted for the bill, as they struggle with the intense guilt of making life harder for the Americans who elected them. It’s a great opportunity for the show to bring back actor Adam Arkin to reprise his role as seemingly the only therapist working in Washington, as well as many of the members of Congress who have at some point walked the halls of The West Wing. Perhaps, like Josh, for the rest of their lives the bells of Christmas music will elicit difficult memories. Though they’ve brought this on themselves, so some tough love from Stanley is in order.

Bob Mueller’s Up in the Air

The show has clearly been laying the groundwork for a cliffhanger involving Bob Mueller’s investigation, and whether or not Trump will decide to fire him before it’s finished. The latest development: One of Trump’s lawyers accused Mueller of improperly obtaining emails from the presidential transition team. (I suspect I’m not the only viewer bored of the endless email storylines. This is television, for god’s sake!) Will Santa Mueller’s plans be derailed by a snowstorm — or constitutional crisis — on Christmas Eve? Or will a red-nosed reindeer — or hard-nosed lawyer — help him see it through with a delivery that will bring joy to millions come Christmas Day? Us viewers will be sleepless with anticipation until all is resolved. A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Will members of the Congressional Black Caucus get invited to the White House Kwanzaa party, or be snubbed like the Democrats at the Hanukkah party? Will Trump tweet about Kamala Harris “begging” for an invitation and how she “would do anything” to get the nod? How many Diet Cokes will Trump leave out for Santa? Tune in next week — ahem, next YEAR — to find out.