1. “Down Escalator (Intro)”

2. “Make America Skate Again”

3. “California Mini-Phallus”

4. “A League of Her Own (Rosie’s Song)”

5. “To Russia, With Shove”

6. “The Song Where Each Verse is a Surprisingly Well-Reasoned Lesson the American Electorate Should’ve Learned From the Brexit Vote (But the Choruses Are About Drinking)”

7. “The Star-Spangled Scammer”

8. “Statue of Synergy (Hillary’s Song)”

9. “Let’s Talk About Black Lives Matter (For a Minute and 45 Seconds)”

10. “Who Killed the Zodiac Killer?”

11. “The Shining City’s Off the Pill”

12. “$27.00 (Bernie’s Song)”

13. “The Song Where We Make It Clear That We’re All Feminists”

14. “Seriously, It’s Important to Us That You Know That”

15. “We’re Feminists”

16. “No Really, Check It Out: This Song’s Acoustic and Clumsily About Women’s Issues (And the Music Video is Gonna Be a Slideshow of Our Moms)”

17. “Now That We’ve Irrefutably Established the Fact That We’re Feminists, Here’s a Song That’ll Tacitly Encourage Men to Get Overly Aggressive at Our Shows”

18. ‘Depth From Above (The Drone’s Song)"

19. “Battle Hymn of the Weed-Public”

20. “Retweet the Nuclear Codes (Oi, Oi, Oi)”

21. “Wiki-Media”

22. “I, Woke (feat. Ten Minutes of Macklemore)”

23. “Here’s the Section Where We Tackle Illegal Immigration”

24. “This Song’s in Spanish”

25. “Here’s One With Horns”

26. “And This One’s Kind of About Falling In Love With an Immigrant, But We Don’t Know Too Many Immigrants, So It’s Actually About Stu’s Sister Trish”

27. “One of Us is Sleeping With Her and It’s Causing a Rift In the Band”

28. “Don’t Worry, It’s Not Stu”

29. “That Concludes Our Section On Illegal Immigration”

30. “Obamacared (Woah-Oh-Oh)”

31. “Alternate Reality TimeStein (Jill’s Song)”

32. “The Triumph of the Ill”

33. “OK, So Our Band’s Book Club Finally Finished Reading Marx’s Capital, and We Have Some Questions (Outro)”