Woes of Weak Men: Pitiable Condition of the Victims of Their Own or Their Parents’ Sexual Excesses

Electric Belt Humbugs: Gulling People in the Name of That Which They Know Nothing

Ravages of Masturbation: It is the Parent of Misery, Emasculation and Insanity

Evils of Promiscuous Intercourse: This Vice Makes Physical Wrecks and Moral Derelicts by the Thousands

Spermatorrhea: Mysterous Drains Upon Nervous Powers — The Life Fluid Often Oozes Away Unperceived — These Drains Lessen Vital Power and Should Be Remedied

Sin of Sexual Starvation: Those Who Practice It Are Mostly Egotists or Fanatics

Sexual Perversity: The Most Revolting of Any Form of Depraved Passion — Usually Results from Bestial Excesses

Constipation and Sexual Troubles: Sluggishness of the Bowels Ruinous to Manly Virility and Physical Powers

Cause and Cure of Prematurity: The Mental Perturbations of the Victims of This Complaint — Caused by Nervous Defects and Cured by a Proper Regime

Sterility — Its Cause and Cure: Nervous Weaknesses Usual Cause — Germs of Life Dead or Paralyzed — Excesses Make a Cure Impossible — Plain Advice as to Methods of Cure

In Bonds of Sexual Slavery: Every Faculty and Function is Fettered by Unchecked Sensuality

Miscellaneous Sexual Defects: The Majority of These Are Due to Accidents, Occupations or Were from Birth

Influence of Mental Attitude: Train Your Mind to Dominate Your Body and Good Will Surely Follow