This Girl Is on Fire: Tapping the Secret Power of Temperature Dysregulation

Here Come the Scarves: Flattering Fashions for Your New Neck

Mood-surfing: Riding the Wave without Killing Your Spouse (Three Sessions)

Lube It or Leave It: The Journey to Midlife Pleasure

Sleep Is for the Weak: Reframing Insomnia, Night Sweats, and Restless Leg Syndrome

Say Tweeze: New Techniques for Pain-Free Chin Hair Removal

Stripping 101: Defying Hot Flashes with Fashion-Forward Layering

Expandin’ with Abandon: Learning to Love Your Middle-Age Spread

Surprise! Surviving and Thriving through Irregular Periods

The Better to Eat You With: Reclaiming the Sexy Grandma Trope

Special Events (Reservations Strongly Encouraged)

Facial Yoga with Crow’s Feet Pose Studio

Pop-Up Concert with the ProgesterTones A Capella Ensemble

Primal Screaming: Literally Just a Group Primal Scream