Sexy Coworker Who Doesn’t Interrupt

Sexy Sweatered Man Who Has Worked Through Issues in Therapy

Sexy Football Player Who Advocates For Women’s Sports Receiving Equal Funding and Recognition as Men’s Sports

Sexy Doctor That Believes Women When They Say They’re in Pain

Sexy Millennial Who Has Never Said or Written the Phrase, “Saturdays Are for the Boys”

Sexy Teacher Who Calls On Female Students Just as Often as He Calls On Male Students

Sexy Commuter Who Sits with Legs Together on Public Transportation

Sexy Son Who Has a Healthy Relationship with His Mother

Sexy Real Estate Agent Who Doesn’t Assume the New Kitchen Is for the Woman of the House

Sexy Mechanic Who Charges All Customers Fair Pricing

Sexy Video Gamer Whose Real Game Is Calling Out Other Players When They Make Discriminatory Slurs

Sexy Bearded Man Who Doesn’t Mansplain His Politics

Sexy Intellectual Who Reads Books Written by Non-Cis-Male Authors

Sexy Politician Working Hard to Protect Women’s Rights