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Q: Michelle, you wanna talk into this?

Orange: Yeah.

Q: OK, now, what are you gonna say?

Orange: I say, “I wanna go in the house!”

Q: Is that what you say?

Orange: Yeah.

Q: OK, let’s hear you sing happy birthday.

Orange: Happy birthday to you. . . (fading) I feeel. . .

Q: Eyes. . . like

Orange: . . .Like. . .

Q: Eyes are so blue—

Orange: Eyes so blue, you’re like a monkey, you’re so blue, you smell like one too!

Q: (laughter)

Orange: Waa-hooo!

Q: What did you have for dinner?

Orange: I have chick-en. . . beef, and Crunch—

Q: Crunch, yeah—

Orange: Alpha Bits—

Q: Yeah—

Orange: Apple Jacks—

Q: Yeah, those are all the things you like.

Orange: Yeah!

Q: What did you have for dessert?

Orange: I have apple and fudgsicle.

Q: What kind of fudgsicle?

Orange: Popsicles. . . popsicles. . . all gone!

Q: What’s mommy’s name?

Orange: Jackie!

Q: What’s mine?

Orange: John!

Q: What’s your name?

Orange: Mi-sell!

Q: How old are you?

Orange: Two!

Q: Two, that’s right, and where do you live?

Orange: I live the ca-amp!

Q: You live at the camp?

Orange: Yaah.

Q: What’s your address?

Orange: My rooster and my room—

Q: No, that’s on your new dress, right?

Orange: My duck!

Q: Your duck is on another dress—

Orange: Yah?

Q: Where’d you go today?

Orange: I go’d a trip, in Tranno. . .

Q: You went to Toronto? (laughing) You did not, you’re telling lies! Where did you go with mommy?

Orange: I go to camp.

Q: Na na na, where did you go?

Orange: I go to mommy’s house?

Q: You went to the store, right?

Orange: Yah.

Q: What did you buy?

Orange: I buy’d. . . I buy the caaandy.

Q: What kind of candy?

Orange: In the kitchen.

Q: Yah? Let’s hear you sing Jack and Jill.

Orange: (not missing a beat) Jack-and-Jill-went-UP-the-hill, fetch a pail-a wah-ter. Jack fell down, broke his crown_. . . tumbling af-_terrrr!

Q: Jill came tumbling after! Good! Oh, that’s brilliant! Hey, tell me, what do you do on the toilet?

Orange: I go pee pee—

Q: What else?

Orange: An’ can-dy—

Q: Are you smart?

Orange: (pause) I’m cute!

Q: And what else?

Orange: Smart and cute and baaaaaad. . .

Q: (cracks up)

Orange: Daa-aaahhh haaa haa!

Q: Are you a bad girl?

Orange: I’m a good girl!

Q: Oh. What do you do that’s bad?

Orange: —

Q: Uh? What do you do that’s bad?

Orange: Happy birthday to you!. . . You’re like. . . a monkey.

Q: Where’s Chris?

Orange: He’s outside.

Q: What’s he doing?

Orange: He’s riding a bike.

Q: Whose bike?

Orange: Chris’ bike?

Q: Who’s he playing with?

Orange: Kevin’s bike?

Q: Who do you play with?

Orange: I play Phil.

Q: Phil? Who else?

Orange: Phil. Amy.

Q: Amy?

Orange: Yah, Ay-mee!

Q: Amy doesn’t live here anymore.

Orange: A-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-I-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s—w-x-y-z, don’t you come with me, play with me, a-b-c. . .

Q: That’s a good girl! You’re very smart! You’re not bad are you?

Orange: Yah!

Q: What did you do at the fair? Did you go to the fair?

Orange: Yah. I do’d a trip!

Q: Which trip?

Orange: This trip!

Q: What did you have to eat?

Orange: I have to eat: the dinner.

Q: What did you eat for dinner at the fair?

Orange: I have McDonald’s. . . chips. . . McDonald’s. . . chips. . . ’Tucky Fried Chicken. . . chips. . . coke. . . cocoa—

Q: Cocoa? What about a hot dog?

Orange: Hot dog! Hamburger. . .

Q: What did you have on your hamburger?

Orange: On my ketchup.

Q: What do you like to wear?

Orange: I wear. . . I wuh. . . I weared a dress.

Q: What’s your favourite dress?

Orange: Red?

Q: Red?

Orange: Yah, red.

Q: You don’t have any red dresses!

Orange: Yahhhh.

Q: Are you fat?

Orange: Yeah.

Q: Why?

Orange: Because rain come stops.

Q: That’s the reason for everything these days. Do you like to play with Chris’ toys?

Orange: Yah.

Q: Which ones?

Orange: Hooo!

Q: No, the cars. . .

Orange: The cars.

Q: Yah, sing Batman.

Orange: Nah nah nah Bat—Nah nah nah nah Batmaaaaan!

Q: (Cracks up) Let’s hear you sing the other one— Happy Days.

Orange: Happy Day-ay-ay-ays. . .

Q: Thursday, Monday—

Orange: (paying no mind) Happy Day-ay-ay-ay-ays.

Q: You wanna say good-bye now to the recorder?

Orange: Yeah.

Q: Say good-bye recorder, see you later.

Orange: See ’later!

Q: Bye-bye.

Orange: Buh-by-eye.

Q: Good _morn_ing.

Orange: G’ mor-ning.

Q: How are you?

Orange: Fi-ine.