Hello, I-Thought-I-Was-Going-to-be-a-Journalist,

It was such a pleasure meeting you last week. We are interested in moving forward with the screening process for the role of in-house copywriter working on projects across our locations. Please select three of the five assignments below and send your writing as a Google document in response to this email by end of day Friday.

Best of luck,

1. Bon Iver Umbrella Tag

In select rooms, we have recently added umbrellas with handles made from reclaimed wood from the cabin where Grammy Award-winning artist Bon Iver recorded For Emma, Forever Ago. These umbrellas are free to use but if a guest chooses to take one home, their room will be charged an additional $125. Please write the copy that will go on the paper tag informing guests of the backstory of the umbrella as well as the pricing. Note that we should be leaning towards encouraging guests to keep the umbrella.

2. Joan Didion Toiletries Takeover

Each room and suite is outfitted with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, and bar soap from our in-house line of toiletry products. This December, in honor of iconic essayist Joan Didion’s birthday, we will be swapping out the usual toiletry packaging to include small quotes from her nonfiction works across all properties. Please select three different sets of quotes for each product and explain why they are a good fit for that product’s purpose.

3. Grand Piano Note

The grand piano in the lobby of our Nashville property is currently broken after a recent incident involving an influencer posing on top of it for an Instagram post. While we coordinate getting it fixed, we will be placing a sign in a vintage picture frame with a note explaining that the piano is broken. Please keep in mind that this will be extremely disappointing for visitors to this music-centric city. No more than two lines.

4. David Fincher Self-Defense Class Newsletter Post

Academy Award-nominated director David Fincher will be leading a female-focused self-defense class in the recreational hall of our Dumbo, New York property. Known for eerily depicting suspense and violence in his films Gone Girl, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Seven, and Fight Club, Fincher will lead a class borrowing positions and routines from Krav Maga. The class is free for hotel guests with RSVP. Tickets are available to the public for $30 but are limited. Please write a 200-word description of this event for our event calendar and online newsletter.

5. Local Restaurant Menu Advertisement

As we gear up to open our new property in the Chihuahuan desert in New Mexico, we have an opportunity to place an ad on the paper placemats of the local diner, Nina’s. Nina’s has been a neighborhood staple for over 80 years. Please write the copy for a 4-by-4-inch square ad that introduces residents to the new property. It is important to note that none of the residents will likely be able to afford the Mexican-fusion restaurant on site, let alone the hotel rooms, and we are anticipating frustration from local residents about increased gentrification. Keep it aspirational and light.