Home Matters: Soups; tile repair.
Hunter: Skeleton found.
Bewitched: Man to boy.
L. A. Law: Spirits and lust.
Matlock: Dead man’s partner.
Pacific Blue: Shooting; robbery.
Bonanza: Harmful boasting.
Home Matters: Spaghetti sauce.
Christopher Lowell: Recliners.
48 Hours: Revenge. Vengeance.
Desert Survival: Camel’s life.
CatDog: Stuck squirrel; gifts.
Simon & Simon: Dolphin.
Maisy: Bat.
Jackal: Black-backed jackal.
MacGyver: Mac vs. army ants.
Golden Girls: Pig sitters.
The Jeffersons: Strippers.
CHiPS: Car strippers.
Christopher Lowell: Ironing.
Quantum Leap: Paraplegic.
All in the Family: A fire.
BeastMaster: Tao captured.
Bewitched: Big ears.
The Animorphs: Oatmeal.
Father Dowling Mysteries: Fake nun.
Golden Girls: A tryst.
Home Matters: Stuffing.
Arli$$: Dead mother.
Bonanza: Hoss tackles rowdies.
Passions: Pilar slaps Theresa.
Lonesome Dove: Cholera.
Knight Rider: Illegal Salvage.
Ricki Lake: Mendacious women.
Bonanza: Insane sheriff turns on people.
In the House: Rumors addressed.
Christopher Lowell: Chintz.
Incredible Hulk: Lonely.