(Note: Spoiler alert.)

- - -


Wherein Bruckheimer foresees
“a Boulder” or “a Rock.”

When they will be caged the military ones will fail,

Who hide the innocent ones on the island of bars,

And turn the green poison from the gaming arena.

The old spy will spend his quiver of quips.


Wherein Bruckheimer predicts
“the final Armageddon.”

At the dangerous passage from memorial to labor,

The drilling one will have his band launch:

To fill with the sun’s fire the falling stone beast,

So will he trade a life for an arrowmist, or approwsmith, hit.


Wherein Bruckheimer foretells
of “Chain-linked Cages.”

Two thin powers will form a deadly league—

A great bird will fall, spilling its cargo of ill-reputes;

Thunderous carriages will be thieved in spans of one minute;

A hunter of lore will declare his independence on a Journey toward treasure.