It is my theory that it’s people that make movies. They don’t make themselves.

I’m not asking you to reinvent the wheel, I’m asking you to reinvent a wheel.

Are you sure this is a Christmas movie, just because the story happens during Christmas?

We need to create a matrix that sets up a pattern.

There is something either not important, or psychologically interesting about what you just said.

I don’t want to understand it, I just want to know how it’s going to be done.

You’re too enthusiastic and eager to please. Every time I see you smile, it ruins my whole day.

We’re all familiar with the Linear Enmeshment Method of working toward production.

I hear a clock ticking that I’ve never heard before… in my head.

The thing that makes this script unique is that the characters travel back in time.

Dreamworks doesn’t have the imagination to talk to us.

Development is not a business. Talking is not a business. Cash Flow is a business.

When I came in, this company was like a beheaded chicken. It was running around, had lots of energy, but no direction, no focus.

He’s a new director. Yes, he is French… but he’s not French French.

Let’s make sure we’re not dancing to their bag-piper.

I need an office in New York too because there is a different ambiance there. It is more direct and less bigger-than-life than LA. More rifle, less shotgun.

Is there any way we can work Meatloaf into this movie? He really represents the true spirit of it.

Small words are so important in contracts.