Three Layers of Sweatshirts
Each sweatshirt is accented by a different food stain, giving the otherwise entirely gray outfit a pop of an indistinguishable color.

A Classic Pajama
These rip away to reveal more, even grungier looking pajamas. So in this season!

A very avant-garde choice as a freelancer rarely leaves the house, if ever. Some have interpreted the inclusion of shoes in this line as a comedic gesture, and we agree that the idea of a freelancer actually going outside is quite funny.

A Duvet Worn as Pants
Underwear optional. How edgy!

An Old Promotional T-Shirt From a Gym Where You Never Worked Out
Several variations of this look were shown during this year’s Freelancer Fashion Week, each paired with sweatpants from a university the model didn’t go to.

A Professional Button-Up Shirt and Nothing Else
Perfect for when you’re feeling like, “Oh god, I’ve got a Skype call at 10?!” this look was dubbed “Business On Top, Desperation Everywhere Else.”

Some Hats, I Guess
These are less a fashion statement and more a distraction from whatever your unwashed hair is doing.

Athleisure for Non-Athletes
Worn-in yoga pants were a staple of this year’s Freelance Fashion Week, as they are every year. Freelancer athleisure is easy to distinguish from regular athleisure as it has never seen the fluorescent light of the gym but is soaked in sweat from anxiously checking email.

Your 2:30 pm Jeans
Specifically designed for when you need put on to pants to go through the drive-thru.

A Presentable Flannel and Some Clean Pants
The designer said this look is inspired by a freelancer who woke up aspiring to be productive but ultimately spent twelve hours scrolling aimlessly through Twitter. The outfit is made complete with a half-done hairdo as inspired by a YouTube tutorial watched while procrastinating work.

A Jacket That Smells Like You’ve Been Sitting In A Coffee Shop for 5 Hours
Ideal for the momentous occasion when you decide to work not from home, this jacket reeks of stale coffee beans and still scrolling through Twitter but in a public space.

A Sarcastic Look For When You Sign Your Emails “Best,”
A key accessory in every freelancer’s wardrobe.

Meant to preemptively answer any questions your Postmates delivery person may have about your appearance.

All given as gifts from relatives who were like, “Get it? Because you’re an artist?”

A Pantsuit Made Entirely of Unpaid Invoices
The freelance model sported this on the runway while shouting “Hey! Just following up!”