I go store. The store is big. The store is bread, where my girlfriend stole her cheese from the cheese store.

My name is Jeff. I saw the ship go on the last subway of my heart. Sometimes, love is bad. Bad love! Bad, bad love is not good. It is bad. That is why store. Store is not love! Love is not the ship!

My name is Jeff. Hello! How are you? I am fine! Hello!

Please? Yes, I do that when my fish feels sad. Does your thing feel the sadness? Sadness is bad for the heart. My heart is my love. Hello! How are you? I am fine.

My name is Jeff. I saw the king of Versailles at the cowboy machine, drinking the wine. I enjoy red. Red is my heart!! I love the red of my love. Love!

Hiroshima, my love. The remembrance of things past. I am Madame Bovary. For a long time I would go to bed early. Hello! Good!

My name is Jeff. What is your name? I am good. How are you? Thank you.

I think therefore I am the man who thinks about the girl who goes to the store and gets the cheese. The cheese is good. Good cheese! Eiffel Tower!

I would like a good grade on paper. Paper is a grade of the good! Cheese. The television shows the Saved by the Bell theater. Cheese Screech! Cheese Jesse!

My name is Jeff. Hello? How are you? Cheese!