1. Paris Hilton digging in her bag
2. Paris Hilton walking down the street
3. Paris Hilton and Chad Muska eat
4. Paris Hilton putting a box in her box
5. Paris Hilton and Chad Muska looking dumb
6. Paris Hilton’s ass

Pulling candy out of a girl’s ass
Instead of a Chihuahua in a Prada bag
I don’t have any fake parts, and I am not dumb
She starts to freak out, running up and down the street
Digits spilled from Paris’s electronic address box
Note to self: stop eating

I lie about what I eat
While Bush threatens to kick the world’s ass
How can I make my own soundproof box?
She “accidentally” hits me with her freaking plastic bag
Points to the deserted strip mall down the street
And you have an avatar saying Bush is dumb?

My newspaper told me Bush was dumb
He shall not lie down until he eat
The 10,000 pro-tennis llamas down the street
In the end, our God will kick their god’s ass
As she reaches out to drop the candy in the bag
It was like being inside a huge white soundproof box

Boxes! Boxes everywhere! He had to pick a box
There Is Outsourcing Because We Are Dumb
Coroners accidentally drop a body bag
It is far more appropriate for man not to eat
Balaam’s Ass
Cautiously moves up the deserted street

SHOT of the car careening down a deserted street
He couldn’t pick a box
So let us remember Balaam’s ass—his talking ass
This is going to sound really dumb
You should not eat anything that you could not eat
In an American body bag

“Look smart” on the streets and fear of “looking dumb”
In a box within a box within a box I was trying to eat
Not see someone’s ass zipped into a body bag