British officer to Nathan Hale: “Me too, mate. We like multiple hangings.”

Mission Control to Neil Armstrong: “Wow, poetic. But between you and us, you’re pissing yourself right now, aren’t you?”

Jesus freak in crowd to John Lennon: “That’s not fair. It’s four against one.”

Aide to FDR: “And sharks. Lots of people are scared shitless of sharks.”

Bystander to Thomas Edison: “Then I guess my farmhands should form a think tank.”

Baseball player to Yogi Berra: “In the sense that you just said something stupid, yes.”

Second-in-command to Julius Caesar: “And you created a great phrase to illustrate ‘asyndeton’ for centuries to come.”

Sherpa to George Mallory: “My mule is there, too. I don’t see you climbing him.”