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1) This document shall be known as the “Review Submission Policies Agreement (RSPA).”

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4) This contract is made under the laws of the nation of Luxembourg, and its constitution and statutes are incorporated here by reference.

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7) You agree that if your review describes a potential technical support issue (e.g., “deleted four days of work”), we may remove the review and send it to our customer-delight team.

8) You agree that even though there are five “stars” available to rate the item, one- and two-star ratings are primarily reserved for situations where the user was killed or injured by the item.

9) If you submit a one- or two-star review, it will be deleted unless we receive confirming medical documentation or a death notice.

10) You agree that your review may be deleted if it includes spelling errors (e.g., “suxx” instead of “sucks”), excessive punctuation (“?!!?!”), unnecessary capitalization (“ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE”), euphemistic variants of profanity (“frickin”, “boocrap”), or factually unsupported claims about our development team (“must’ve been drunk that day”). Again, this is for the protection of our review community.

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