Toula Portokalos
Aunt Voula’s Travel Agency
(My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Toula is exclusively offering “virtual” trips, where she will describe to you in great detail what it feels like to walk around Greece. She has cut all ties with United Airlines.

Jake Perry
Deep South Glass
(Sweet Home Alabama)

Jake is shipping nationwide, but please expect delays. He is trying his best not to breathe a lot when he does the glassblowing.

Kathleen Kelly
The Shop Around the Corner
(You’ve Got Mail)

Along with your mask, Kathleen asks that you also bring an aversion to Amazon. She will spray you with disinfectant and vintage perfume upon entry. All children must be accompanied by Tom Hanks.

Elizabeth James
Elizabeth James Designs
(The Parent Trap)

All customers must stand six feet apart, unless you are twins. Twins may stand next to each other. There is a limit of one, music-accompanied “wedding dress and accessories try-on” montage per person. The butler will sanitize dresses between each fitting.

Nick Parker
Parker Knoll Vineyard
(The Parent Trap)

Nick has temporarily canceled all wine tastings. He is saving the wine for himself. Sometimes, he drinks so much he sees double.

Mary Fiore
Wedding Planner
(The Wedding Planner)

Mary is working round-the-clock on Zoom to help you cut your guest list down to two people. She suggests that it be you and your fiancé.

William Thacker
The Travel Book Company
(Notting Hill)

William is just a man who sells travel books, standing in front of a customer who wants to buy a travel book, asking them to wear a mask. However, out of an abundance of caution, Americans are not allowed in the store — with the exception of female movie stars.

Jane Adler
The Bakery
(It’s Complicated)

The Bakery is temporarily closed, but Jane is hoping to start Instagram live baking classes once she figures out what Instagram is.

Vivian Ward
Escort (Pretty Woman)

Vivian will gladly walk you through a step-by-step diagram of what she would do to you, if you didn’t have to stay six feet apart.

Matt Flamhaff
Freelance Photographer
(13 Going on 30)

In lieu of a photoshoot, Matt will take a screenshot of you over FaceTime. With the basic package, he will text it to you. With the premium package, he will email it.

Donna Sheridan
Hotel Villa Donna
(Mamma Mia!)

Upon arrival, all guests must take both a coronavirus and a paternity test.