1. “I don’t think you appreciate the gut reaction people have to these things… It’s all psychological. You yell ‘Barracuda,’ everybody says, ‘Huh? What?’ You yell ‘Shark,’ we’ve got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.”

2. “The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus… This is their new hoax.”

3. “Look, fellas, let’s be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy.”

4. “The heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus.”

5. “I’m only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars. Now, if the people can’t swim here, they’ll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Long Island…”

6. “It’s the unknown, you know, they [investors] look at it and they say, ‘How long will this last?’ I think they’re not very happy with the Democrat candidates when they see them and I think that has an impact.”

7. “You take a solid flu vaccine, you don’t think that could have an impact, or much of an impact, on corona?”

8. “And what did you say the name of this shark is?”

9. “We had a great meeting today with a lot of the great companies, and they’re going to have vaccines I think relatively soon. And they’re going to have something that makes you better, and that’s going to actually take place we think even sooner.”

10. “I’m pleased and happy to repeat the news that we have in fact caught and killed a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers. But as you can see, it’s a beautiful day, the beaches are opened, and people are having a wonderful time.”

- - -

Trump: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9
Mayor of Amity: 1, 3, 5, 8, 10