1. Seems like a fish out of water at first, but swims just fine.

2. Wears the same clothes no matter what the profession.

3. Maintains exactly the same expression no matter how wild things get.

4. Doesn’t speak the language, but finds suitable underlings that do.

5. Expects people to like them even when they’ve gone absolutely insane.

6. Everyone thinks they are the best ever at their job, but it’s all PR.

7. Color is very important to them.

8. They think their significant other is one person, but it’s actually someone else.

9. They win a lot. When they lose, it’s for their own good.

10. They travel on the company expense account, but never eat.

11. Most of their so-called friends want to screw them.

12. If the first thing they see is someone’s shoes, they’re dead.

13. There’s more than one reason they believe the whole thing is a dream.

- - -

1-13: Both