@jakebarnes_usa: Hit the courts with my boy @big_cohner_alert today. Always great to hit those balls around since mine don’t work lol 🎾

@franny_girl: Some ✨personal news✨ heading to Paris because @big_cohner_alert’s mag is hitting the struggle bus and we need some time to process. So important to keep it real on social media. #entrepreneurship

@big_cohner_alert: Okaaaaay so Paris isn’t all that and my publishing options are not panning out! Planning a quick trip to South America to reset and remind myself what’s really important. I think this is gonna be the trip that fixes it all. #selfcare

@jakebarnes_usa: bro you cant keep running away from your probs, call me back asap

@jakebarnes_usa: also how are you funding this

@jakebarnes_usa: Last night was a movie… at least, the parts I remember 😵📍Latin Quarter, Paris

@badbitchbrett: was it really a night out if you don’t have the drunk selfies to prove it 😏 thanks for the Uber home @jakebarnes_usa #justfriends #maybemore?

@mike_likestoparty: hkfudvbkjknxcbrfubekqkewrvucklwkrhfjs,dvk;bs

@big_cohner_alert: Life comes at you fast. Appreciate the good times while you can… because you never know when it’ll all come crumbling down. I guess it’s on to bigger and better things for me now. In other news… Ladies, I’m single again #bonjour

@franny_girl: WANTED: Silver fox in London with lots of $$$ and zest for life. I know how to show you a good time, trust me. DMs are wide open kings

@jakebarnes_usa: Can’t seem to catch a date but at least we caught some fishies 🎣🐟 these guys are my family fr #newtinderpic?

@badbitchbrett: he’s a 10 but he can’t fuck… lol he’s a 1!!!! <3 sorry bb @jakebarnes_usa

@big_cohner_alert: Quick getaway this weekend with the sneaky link @badbitchbrett… think I’m falling for her. 📍San Sebastian, España

@badbitchbrett: can u untag me

@badbitchbrett: soooo who is the new cutie in the bull ring 😍 id let him charge me any day 🍆 💦 #ManCrushMonday @romer0ooo

@romer0ooo: bro these bulls are crazy lol

@big_cohner_alert: She thought the running of the bulls was pretty, I thought she was prettier 😍 @badbitchbrett

@badbitchbrett: I was looking at @romer0ooo 😏

@romer0ooo: just messaged you girl

@mike_likes_toparty: WORLDSTAR, WORLDSTAR. Damn, never thought I’d see the day when two brothers fight like that but tbh @big_cohner_alert what you said was outta line… didn’t wanna get involved but here we are #smh #TeamJake

@big_cohner_alert: Sometimes you need to stand up for what you believe is right 🙏 the bar got a lil rowdy last night but it’s good to know I still have it in me #wrestlingislife #marriedtothegame

@romer0ooo: @badbitchbrett just won you a new trophy mi amor 😍 you have this bull’s ear, and now you have my heart #killer

@jakebarnes_usa: TFW when you wake up to 10 missed FaceTimes from @badbitchbrett 🥴 Brett, u good? @badbitchbrett #worried #wya

@badbitchbrett: come to madrid asap i need u.

@badbitchbrett: also did u get my cashapp request hehe 😇

@badbitchbrett: ENGAGED!!! Babe, we may have had our ups and downs and nobody drives me crazy like you… but can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side!!! 😍 Gender reveal party invites going out soon @mike_likes_toparty #goals #weddingspo

@jakebarnes_usa: happy for yall or whatever lol

@big_cohner_alert: WTF are you serious??!!! Fake af