Although she hardly ever leaves the house, one of her high-heeled shoes is always missing.

The one sustainable, non-polyester item in her wardrobe is a sweater Grandma knitted.

Every time youngsters manipulate her into doing some exercise, her joints make this weird clicking sound.

Her so-called Dream House still has some structural issues.

Kids love applying makeup and/or felt-tip pens to her face, which then takes hours and industrial-strength chemicals to remove.

“The Robot” is her signature dance move. In fact, it’s her only dance move.

Her asymmetric haircut is an unfortunate result of home styling.

If anyone’s to blame for her stockpile of useless accessories, it’s capitalism.

Her camping equipment has been used once since it came out of the box and did not live up to any of the publicity material.

Nobody knows what she does for a living, but she’s expected to keep children entertained for hours on end.

Her husband was last seen gathering dust in the garage.

She doesn’t have bodily autonomy.