- - -

1. “The Unilateralist” — Having decided on everyone’s behalf that the sauna is too hot, The Unilateralist attempts to let in some cool air by wedging her sneaker in the door.

2. “Venus” is unashamed of her nude form and casually maintains an “annual exam” pose.

3. “The Slatherer” — Her continual, liberal application of lotion generates moist smacking sounds.

4. “The Fugitive” — Fully clothed and killing time on her phone, the Fugitive seems to be using the sauna for cover. Is she avoiding a confrontation? Or her workout?

5. “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” graciously allows others to sauna in her personal towel-warming chamber while she uses the pool.

6. “Chatty Cathy” misreads everyone’s terse responses as an invitation to discuss the unique challenges presented by today’s Zumba class.

7. “The Secret Misanthrope” appears placid but is silently judging all. And perhaps planning a cartoon.