THEM: “We’ll stop you!”

ME: “You’ll try!” [Slides into open car door, drives away]

- - -

THEM: “Are you a Barnes & Noble member?”

ME: “I hold no allegiances.” [Jumps into boat, sails away]

- - -

THEM: “Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?”

ME: “Time is an illusion.” [Runs into train, grabs a seat, waits a minute and then the train departs]

- - -

THEM: “Who do you think you are?”

ME: “Who do you got?” [Grabs cowboy’s horse, hops onto the saddle, and rides into the sunset]

- - -

THEM: “I worked a double yesterday. I’m so tired!”

ME: “Sleep when you’re dead.” [Commandeers dirigible, plunges it into the Atlantic]

- - -

THEM: “Where are you going?”

ME: “I have to find something.”

THEM: “What?”

ME: “Myself.” [Jumps out of spaceship, spaceship explodes in background]

- - -

THEM: “Believe in your dreams.”

ME: “No. Believe in yourself.” [Tears hole in fabric of space, jumps into parallel dimension, is never seen again]